Super Easy Personalized Whipped Butters September 08 2020, 0 Comments

Making your own whipped butter is easier than you think. You can also choose not to whip these blends, just melt them all together an pour them in a container.

Choose 2 medium hardness butters and an oil. Here is 3 ideas.

For After Sun Care Whipped Butter

2 oz Tucuma Butter

2 oz Cupuacu 2 Butter

0.5 oz Buriti Oil

Aging Well Whipped Butter

2 oz Murumuru Butter

2 oz Cupuacu 2 Butter

0.5 Acai Oil

Instant Bronze Whipped Butter

2 oz Bacuri Butter

2 oz Cupuacu 1 Butter

0.5 Brazil Nut Oil

1/2 Teaspoon Bronze or Gold Mica