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DIY - Have Yourself A Soap Party! September 18 2015, 0 Comments

I have a great idea for you people! What about a
Specially fun for the next cold months ahead of most of the US.

It is great fun fun making something you will definitely use and love, it isn't hard, just come up with a good recipe on this Lye Calculator, then follow instructions carefully, I like this site.

For soap parties I usually buy all the ingredients and my friends pitch in depending on their recipes. It is good to have a few recipes already chosen and printed. It is also a good idea to do a little bit of research on saponification and understand about fatty acids, soap qualities and prepare a short class of sorts for the people in your party. Nothing boring just the basic stuff. Or you can just make them blindly follow the recipes and yell: "IT IS MAGIC!" as they start mixing the lye mixture with the fats.

I get my lye (Sodium Hydroxide) HERE, it is a lot more expensive than some other stuff you can get on eBay, but since I only make a few soaps for personal use, it is worth using something you can really trust, not mentioning, their bottles are very safe and easy to work with.

Since my oils and butters are expensive, I use organic, virgin Coconut and Olive oils as base and smaller quantities of my products, I use no pigments or scents, mostly because I am a beginner and I don't want anything to go wrong... But you can do it, just do a little research first.

This is my third soap, it came out great. Not pretty, but my soaps are ugly but beautiful inside!

You can find Cupuacu HERE, Murumuru HERE, Pracaxi HERE, and Andiroba HERE.

For this soap, I tried something kinda daring, I added Breu Branco, an aromatic, hard resin to it. I ground it using a food processor and added on top of the mix already in the mold. I poured it slowly and mixed it, with a wooden stick. My goal was for it to add scent and work as a scrubbing agent. But as far as I knew it could as well have exploded! It didn't! It works great!

The recipe - you can't just come up with anything you want when it comes to cold process soaping, each fatty acid gives the soap a property, you need to find a balance in your fats, also take into consideration the color you want you soap to be and the cosmetic/medicinal properties you want it to have.

I work with ounces, but this site will allow you to work with Lbs and Grams.

For tips from a beginner (me), check this other soap recipe out.

WARNING: This party is not recommended for children, very young teenagers and drunk people! Get drunk AFTER the soap is already in the mold people!

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