About Rainforest Chica

Rainforest Chica is proud to offer just the best quality butters and oils from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Our suppliers work only with non-timber forest products (NTFPs), and support local and indigenous communities that do the wild harvesting, these communities set their prices depending on how the harvesting season went and are paid, there is no bartering, as this practice is usually favorable to the buying part.

My suppliers do not do animal testing, do not support in any way the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest and/or abusive work practices. They are just awesome!

Rainforest Chica is passionate about environment conservation, social responsibility, personal awareness and natural beauty. 

How are we helping the Rainforest?

The vegetable oil industry in the Brazilian Amazon forest gives communities the chance to support themselves staying away from farming and timbering. The plants used for our oils and butters grow in the wild, and they are not harmed by the harvesting of their fruits and seeds.  

We work with many producers from various areas of the forest, that increases our costs a little but we always search the best and most ethical producers we can find for each product, we also like the idea of spreading the money to different areas of the forest.

How are we helping the indigenous and local communities?

Our products are harvested by local people who are being fairly paid and made by small companies that are as concerned with social and environmental responsibility as we are.

How can you help yourself?

Many cosmetic companies sell their products using pretty bottles, catch phrases and buzzwords. 

Purchase from small cosmetic businesses that are using sustainable, wild harvested, fair trade products. Research the big corporations before you give them your money to make sure they deserve it.

Also make some of your own stuff, have fun doing it. Make it a friends or family time. Open a bottle of wine and whip your own body butter, dance to some "samba" while doing it! 

Research, inform yourself, read labels, ask questions.

You have one body, be good to it.

We have one planet, be good to it.

Thank you for reading and visiting our site!

Chrys Rocha

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