Phone Wallpapers

Hey guys, these are photos taken by Chica in the Amazon Rainforest. She doesn't claim to be a photographer and we can clearly see that, but sometimes a picture doesn't need professional lenses, it needs a heart, and her heart is absolutely in the right place when it comes to the forest.

She made them for her phone before I convinced her to share them, so the sizing may be wrong for yours, we apologize. Click on the pictures for downloadable size.

I hope these wallpapers help remind you why we are fighting for the Amazon Rainforest.


1. Keep The Forest Standing - The amazing Samaúma, the Queen of the Forest, this one is located in Combu Island, on Dona Nena's property.


2. The River Is Life - Photo taken from the flight from Suriname to Belém, Brazil. Suriname is the most forested country in the world, with 94% of its area being the Amazon Rainforest. If you look closely you can see a house and a single boat in this amazing space.


3. Home Is All The Places That Have Touched Your Heart - the bittersweet part of traveling is that many places become "home" and you will always be missing one of your homes. This is Casa do Celso - you can follow them on Instagram. Amazing "ribeirinho" home with flair.


4. Fair Trade means no slave work, no underpaid work, it means the forest people being paid fair prices for the goods they provide, it means they are paid in money, no bartering, as this practice is usually favorable to the buying part. 




New ones coming soon!

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