Lip Lil' Butter Bar - Scrub & Moisturizer February 25 2024, 0 Comments

I am in love with these mini butter bars! 

Growing up in Brazil, even in the big city, we did not have fancy ChapSticks, we had lipstick shaped cocoa butter - manteiga de cacau - and it worked great, so the other day, it was kinda dry in Florida and my lips were in need of some serious loving, I thought about our old cocoa butter ways and decided to add scrubbing to it.

I will leave modesty aside and say it was a genius idea and these bars work wonders! If you want to play it a little rough use scrubbing side, if you just want loving use the all butter side.

I did two layers of scrub so all the powder doesn't concentrate on one end which I think would become too crumbly, you can make smaller bars with just one scrubbing end.

Since it was a spur of the moment thing I used what I had around - an ice tray with a silicone bottom. Any small mold with a flat bottom will work, I think the tiny squares would look adorable, no flowers or shapes.

Cocoa butter - 2 oz.
Cupuaçu butter - 1/2 oz.(if you live in a cold place you can add a 3/4 oz.)
Andiroba oil - 1/4 oz.
Fine quartz powder - 1 oz.

How to:
Melt butters and oil, for two layers of scrub, fill little molds up to half and add a little powder, the quartz being heavy will drop to the bottom, put in freezer until solid then add rest of butter/oil mix, then more powder. For just one layer of scrub fill the mold almost up to the top then add the quartz just once. Remember not to make a too thick layer of quartz.

You can mix a few drops of a good EO and sweeteners if you want to go fancy. For full summer heat it may need a little wax.