Lil' Summer Skin Butter Bar April 29 2023, 0 Comments

This three ingredient little butter bar is awesome for Summer time, just keep them in the fridge and use one after outdoor time.

You just need to melt the wax in a double boiler, add the butter and then the oil - let them get hot together for better blending - pour the mix into your mold, wait until it solidifies and that is it! For little bars you can use little paper cups or these wax warmer liners, you can also make one big bar.


Cupuacu butter - 2 parts.

Beeswax - 1 part or Candelilla wax (for a vegan version) - 1/2 part.

Buriti (or tucuma oil) - 1/2 part.

"Parts" can be anything - ounces, kilos, cups, just substitute the word "part" for the the measurement you are using.