Acai Berry & Guarana Lip Scrub May 11 2019, 1 Comment

A wild harvested, fair trade superfood and the best source of natural caffeine together? Plus 2 amazing butters and the best oil? You will want to use this scrub everywhere! And you can!


Beeswax - 0.5 oz.

Tucuma  Butter - 1 oz.

Cupucua Butter -  1 oz.

Acai Oi - 1 oz.

Acai Berry Powder - 1 oz

Guarana Seed Powder - 1 oz.

You can add a good quality EO but the natural scent of these butters and oils is delicious. 

Melt beeswax in a clean, dry glass jar in a pot with water over medium heat, after the wax is melted add butters then oil. When all ingredients are melted, waited until they cool down a little bit and mix the powders. Wait, again, until your blend is a little cooler and keep stirring, if you transfer to your little containers while it is too melted, the powders will sink, getting separated on the bottom. When product is a bit thicker and cooler transfer to your containers and put in the fridge for a little bit.

Be gentle scrubbing your lips (scrub areas around lips too) and leave the product on for a few minutes, everything on it is good for you.