Bulk - Business Opportunities

Need a product or service from Brazil? I can help you!

Need a big amount of one or more of my products? I can help you, including shipping and US entry straight to you. My people also do work with some countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and with Australia.

Need consulting on Brazilian opportunities and travelling? I can help you or find someone who will.

Some of the products I can help you import: the BEST acai pulp, frozen or powder, other fruit pulps, guarana powder, babassu flour (gluten free), made for food oils and butters, cacau nibs, fine chocolate, bio-jewelry, pottery, farm house demolition doors and windows, indigenous art, essential oils, coffee and more.

I will also be working with larger amounts of some of my products, starting out slowly in June 2022. 

WhatsApp or text me at 9542742032 to arrange a meeting.

Email: business@rainforestchica.com

Chrys Rocha

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