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I have many customers literally begging me to make more of the HP Ojon Shampoo Bar, I am not exaggerating - this is soap, not a solid shampoo.

So I am sharing the recipe and how to. If you are a beginner, contact me if you need help and research! If you are a business and want to sell it, go ahead, I just ask you to send me some good energy every time you sell one. ūüėĀ

This recipe yields about 2 lb. after cooking.

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  • a¬†scale¬†that is a bit of high precision since for smaller bars you will need to get those numbers pretty accurately. In soap making, everything is measured by weight, even the liquids.

  • a food thermometer.

  • heat safe containers and spoons.

  • a crock-pot (for my personal soaps I use my own kitchen crock-pot, since the lye will be totally saponified by the end of the process I think it is safe, some people disagree).

  • a stick blender.

  • a mold (a milk or juice box will work, just turn it sideways and cut one side. No need to line). This recipe is pretty thick, individual molds may not work well. Loaves are better.

  • protective gear if needed - gloves, glasses, mask, an apron.


  • sodium hydroxide (lye) - 3.11 oz. for a small amount check out this¬†site.

  • fragrance - depending on it - EO or fragrance oils - you will need about 0.5 oz. to 1 oz. I prefer not to use scents,¬†if you do, I prefer to add it last. Research the scent you are using as it can change the appearance of your soap.

  • distilled water - 8.36 oz.


I am going to present you my steps, If you are a newbie I recommend you research around a bit further, if you are an experienced soap maker you probably have your own style. Keep in mind: I am not an experienced soap maker, I just know what works best for my own recipes.

1. Weigh every item perfectly beforehand separately, you don't want to mess up while mixing oils, no way back from there.

2. Mix lye and water.¬†ALWAYS ADD LYE TO WATER, not the other way around. Make sure it is in an open area, I do wear a mask while doing it.¬†Stir hanging back so you don‚Äôt inhale the fumes. Use¬†a safe container as it will reach extremely high temperatures, up to 200¬†¬įF.¬† The¬†mixture will appear cloudy at first, after a couple of minutes it will go clear.

3. I melt the butters in the crockpot, once butters are melted add the oils let them heat up a bit together and turn off crock pot. Mix all the fats BUT the Ojon Oil.

4. Keep an eye on the temperature of both mixes - lye water and fats, do not mix them while they are above¬†100¬†¬įF - 38¬†¬įC¬†as it may create a volcano - it has happened to me and it wasn't fun.

5. Once they reach the right temperature, pour lye mix into fat mix and use your stick blender, mix manually turning the blender on and off, this recipe reaches trace pretty quickly, trace is when the mix looks thicker and even, like pudding. The difference between me and a bunch of other soap makers is: once I reach trace I put the lid on the crockpot and don't touch the soap again. Most soap makes will tell you to keep mixing... I only mix if something looks will go wrong, like rising too much. The soap will go through stages, in about 60 to 90 minutes the soap will look what people say mashed potatoes or Vaseline - mine always look glossy. 

6. You can use a PH strip to see if the saponification process has finished, a pH of 8-10 means the soap is ready. I use my tongue, if you feel a zap it isn't ready, I do NOT recommend this process as I have burned my tongue a few times and I do NOT want to be sued for trying to be nice and give a recipe away.

7. Transfer the mix into another container as if it stays in crockpot it will dry too much, you need a spatula to get the entire mix out of the crockpot. Pour the Ojon oil into the mix and start mixing with a spoon vigorously. Once the mix looks all orange and mixed you add your scent and mix some more, after all mixed you can spoon the mix into your mold. If you take too long to go through this process the mix may get too hard.

8. Unlike some other soap makers, I put my mold in the fridge for a couple of hours, then take out to a dry place. The soap is usually ready to be unmolded and cut within 6 to 12 hours. 

This is what mine looked like after cutting:


Photo 1 - What trace looks like. ATTENTION: this is a different recipe with buriti into the recipe, your basic Ojon recipe will be cream colored, until later on when you mix the Ojon Oil.

Photo 2 - Saponification starting. I do NOT mix at all, the process takes care of itself in a small recipe. I only mix if something is going wrong.

Photo 3 - That recipe was completely saponified. I transferred it to another recipient and mixed my superfat.

This is what your mix will look like after mixing the Ojon Oil, you will need to spoon it into the molds. The color will be like this or lighter depending on my batch of Ojon.






Make sure you are prepared and have researched, ask me questions BEFORE you make the mistakes please.


One Love!

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