Butter Bars - Winter Issues Bar and Aging Well Acai Bar November 27 2020, 0 Comments

"Lotion Bar"  or a "Butter Bar" is a mix of your favorite butters and oils made harder (higher melting point) by a wax.

The end result is a solid bar that you apply on your skin much like a surfer puts wax on her board.

I recommend adjusting the recipe for colder or hotter places, I keep my place at about 77 degrees and these bars apply well, the acai bar is a bit softer as I wanted since it will go on the sensitive skin of your chest and neck.

For a mold you can use waxed paper cups, silicone soap molds or even use wax paper to line a wood or glass mold. Since these were made on a whim, I used the only thing I had home - Solo shot cups, far from ideal but they worked.

I use "parts" for my recipe to make it easier for you to make it any size you want, just follow the proportions.

You will need:

  • Medium sized pan. 

  • Very clean glass jar (or a double boiler if you have those, just remember, wax is a pain to clean.)

  • Mold.

  • A clean rag or kitchen towel.

    Winter Skin Issues Bar

    Aging-well Neck And Chest Acai Bar 

    How to Make:
    Melt wax first, after it is all melted add butters and then after the mix is liquid add oil, check if the oil have hardened the wax, if it does, melt for a bit longer, if not take out of the heat.

    JAR WILL BE HOT! Dry the jar well so no water gets in your bar and pour melted contents into your mold. Bars should be hard in no time, if you live in a hot place pop them in the fridge for a few minutes.
    I hope you enjoy it!