Black Tourmaline Black Head Remover Mask & Scrub May 11 2019, 0 Comments

I have pretty good skin but I suffer from black heads on my nose, around it and some on my chin. I wanted to make a mask/scrub that feels luxurious, heavy and that worked, I researched black tourmaline and, of course, maracuja oil and this scrub turned out fantastic!


Beeswax - 1 oz.

Murumuru  Butter - 4 oz.

Maracuja Oil - 2 oz.

Black Tourmaline Powder - 1 oz

You can add a good quality EO but the natural scent of these butters and oils is delicious. 

 Melt beeswax in a clean, dry glass jar in a pot with water over medium heat, after the wax is melted add butter then oil. When all ingredients are melted, wait until they cool down a little bit and mix the powder in you will need to stir until the product is a bit thicker/cooler and tourmaline can't sink anymore (tourmaline is heavy, it tends to travel to the bottom of container) then transfer to your containers.

Apply to problem areas  in a thick layer, let it stay for 5-10 minutes then scrub LIGHTLY for a bit (you know your skin, sensitive skin needs less time and gentler exfoliation.

After using it: