INSECT REPELLENT WAX MELTS July 13 2015, 1 Comment

We are bombarded with many different artificial scents all day long. Cleaning and personal hygiene products, air fresheners, candles, bathroom sprays, they all have scents that can be harmful to the human body. They cause problems that can go from allergies and asthma to cancer and birth defects.

"It is estimated that 95% of the synthetic fragrances on the market today are derived from petroleum by-products. Trademarked scent is protected by the law as a "trade secret". These types of protected fragrances are not required to list the concoction of chemicals on the product label. They are only required to list the term "fragrance"." - Natural News 

I know that we are all suckers for a different delicious smell, but there are many ways you can surround yourself with all, or at least mostly, natural scents.

Store bought wax melts are usually made of paraffin wax and scented with artificial fragrances, neither are the things you want burn in your house.

A great alternative is spending 20 minutes making your own wax melts.

My favorite recipe also happens to be insect repellent.

Melt the wax in glass jar inside a pot of water, when it is totally melted add the Andiroba and the essential oils.

I strip my tea candles and use the metal cup as molds (you will need 5 for this recipe), pour the mixture very carefully into each one, after they are cold and hardened I take them out and put the candles back in! No waste!!

You can use an entire piece or cut them in half or quarters.

Keep them in a ziplock in a fresh place. 

Essential Oils with Insect Repellent Properties







Sweet Basil






More about Essential Oils!


EDIT: Oh well... Just read this and it makes sense: 

"Interestingly, essential oils are not safe options for candle fragrances, either. A  soy or beeswax candle scented with essential oils will release toxins, since combustion changes the molecular structure of these oils."