River community Limão do Curuá. December 19 2021, 0 Comments

The riverside community of Limão do Curuá, located in the Bailique archipelago, state of Amapá, is a village of about 140 residents. It is a local reference in the extraction of pracaxi oil and, over the years, it has developed innovations in the process, such as the no cooking the seeds and using an artisanal press, with two wooden boards, made by the residents themselves. With these innovations, the extractors of this community increased their production scale and, consequently, the sale of this oil.

Since the men usually leave small villages either to work in larger cities, or in fishing or river transport of goods to the main local ports, the women stay behind. The harvesting and production of pracaxi in this community is exclusively done by women.

Meetings and analyses of results.

Local producer peeling seeds.

Different parts of the production process.

Their oil is beautiful and great quality, and I love the idea of bringing money to the women of a small river community.

These past two years because of all the difficulties they are still facing due to the pandemic, the production was small and the cost to bring this oil to the cities to export was very high, therefore I only got a small amount and I am selling it in only two sizes since the price is way higher. If you are interested in larger amount contact me. By next year their production and transport will probably normalize and I will be able to carry both pracaxis at the same price.

This video was from the first time I was working with them, check it out!