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Summer Tips From A Brazilian - Because We Know Summer!! July 03 2015, 0 Comments

Soak your hair with fresh water before jumping in ocean or pool. Wet hair will absorb less water, therefore less chlorine or salt.
Rinse with fresh water again every time.

Scrub your body before tanning, I use Passion Fruit Oil (light, calming, easy to rinse off) and raw sugar. Scrubbing will remove the dead skin and leave you new skin ready for an even tan.

Dark skin also needs Summer care as it is more prone to having hyper-pigmentation problems. Just because you were born with more melanin on your skin, it does not mean you can skip hydrating, scrubbing and protecting.

If you hair is chemically treated either by straightening or dying, you need extra care. Wet you hair (fresh water) before the beach/pool, apply a good oil (I like Brazil Nut for thin or blonde hair, and Ojon or Pracaxi for dark or thicker hair) and make a bum with a good hair tie that won't break or get stuck in your hair. Wear a hat.

Most of us don't have the famous Brazilian butt, including most Brazilian girls. But we can work with what we have.
Do squats - 10 to 20 every time you go to the bathroom.
Massage your legs and butt - massaging stimulates the circulation an helps with many issues we have in that area. ANDIROBA oil was proven to help prevent cellulite.
Even if you have no intention of ever wearing a Brazilian bikini, choose well. A bathing suit that is too big on your butt just makes your butt look bigger. That extra fabric hanging back there is not flattering AT ALL! Try to buy something that is cut like a V (it can be a big V) on the back NOT a U. Trust me on that.
Drink water, lots of it!

Curls, coils and kinks also want to have fun! But they are so fragile!
Again, wet your hair before the beach/pool, apply a good oil (I like cupuacu/murumuru/pracaxi combo) avoiding the scalp if you have oily scalp. If your hair is long enough, make a loose braid, if not, take advantage of cute bandanas and scarfs! If you have very short hair protect your scalp, a sunburned scalp is not fun!

Have fun, don't just sit there roasting. Go for a swim, for a walk, go beachcombing, bring your hula hoop to the beach (I am assuming everyone has one), bring games, a snorkel, try something new.
Most Americans just have few warm months out of the year, make the most it.
If you are drinking alcohol make sure to still drink water.


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