Buying exotic oils and butters. January 06 2016, 1 Comment

When buying an exotic oil (or butter) our first instinct is choosing by the price. Unfortunately, even if you are on a budget, you definitely should be more careful with this choice. 
Most of our exotic fats come from parts of the world that have little to no regulation on this market. And the FDA knows very little and is way too busy to be really effective. As long as it says "vegetable oil" and "for external use only" chances are, the product is entering the country.
The FDA isn't even regulating the whole "organic" thing for cosmetics. Anyone can slap an "organic" on the description of a product and charge you a couple more bucks.

Things that can go wrong with exotic fats:

  • they can be mixed with cheaper oils or butters.

  • they can be produced by other methods than cold pressing, losing a lot of their properties.

  • they can be contaminated with undesirable stuff - eww!

  • they can be using slave-like working conditions.

  • their plantations can be destroying forests and animals.

  • their plantations may use a BUNCH of chemicals, stuff we sell to other countries because they are illegal here.

When buying a new oil or butter contact the shop, ask questions. Make sure they sound like they know what they are talking about. It doesn't matter if you are buying 1 oz. or 10 kgs. Ask where the product comes from, how it is produced, how it is harvested, if it is cold pressed, unrefined. If not wild harvested, if it is organic. Ask questions, wait for the answers, then make your decision!

It is your body, you only get one. Be very kind to it!

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