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Nina's last chapter.🖤🤍
Don't cry just yet, it doesn't end as bad as it sounds.
If you don't know Nina, she is a dog who belongs to a a street dweller in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. I have been visiting and sharing her adventures with my customers for 8 years now.
Nina has DEFINITELY a special something, so many people love her a lot, every time she got sick there was a line of people to help her. And she brought a lot of attention to her mom (who passed a couple of years ago) and dad, but they never got ready to be helped. They lived on the beach and had a few addictions, so many times I would look for them to find them passed out on the sand or sidewalk and Nina on the watch out. She would come to me, hang for a few minutes and go back to her favorite person: her dad.
So this latest trip I had a feeling I would not see her, it wasn't a bad feeling though. I usually go to the beach right away looking for her, but this time I took my sweet time. When I finally made it to the area where the group of homeless hangs out, I asked about her and they gave me an address, I thought it was where they were panhandling now. But turns out her dad died, which was coming - after his partner of 10 years on the street died, he became worse with drugs and violent - and Nina got adopted by a lady who always helped her. Nina now lives in a super nice apartment, overlooking the ocean with the best food and vet care.
I know she misses her dad, but she was getting up there in years and she had taken care of him long enough, he rested and she deserves her rest in style.
So unless I get luck and run into them we won't be seeing Nina again. I am a bit sad but extremely relieved she has a home.
Thank you for following her story with me for all these years. I appreciate you guys!


This is Nina. I met her over 3 years ago on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, I was going through a bad break up back in the US in which I was losing my heart... My dog Mina.
So when I met Nina, running free on the white sands of Copacabana, being such a happy beach bum I fell in love, she looked well taken care of, good weight, ears clean, nails cut, nice collar, after asking around I found out she belonged to an alcoholic, drug addicted homeless couple who usually hangs out on the same spot on Copacabana beach. Apparently neighborhood dog lovers and vets helped them take care of her.
You may have many questions, why not help the couple? Many people have tried and failed, they aren't ready.
Why not take the dog? She absolutely ADORES them, and they like her, she is also their protector and means to get more money and food. On one of my trips the guy got sick and went to a public hospital for a couple of days, the other homeless people were taking care of her but she was restless, crying, trying to cross the streets, looking everywhere. He was dry for a week or two after that, we talked, I told him she dependes on him that he had to be more careful, he told me he depends on her and that he would... But a few days later he was back in the bottle.
I always look for her first thing on my trips to Rio. I ask around, I walk to their regular begging spots until I find her. I help them out the little I can.
I had never been away for this long, so today when I spotted her sleeping next to them on the sidewalk my heart screamed a million happy songs. I almost got run over crossing the street and I had a huge smile and tears down my cheeks when she came to me tail wagging, lips curled up in a funny smile. We hang out for a bit, I petted her and told her I had missed her so. She never looks for food, she just makes me happy for the little time we spend together.
The couple was sleeping nearby and never woke up, I told her to go back to them before I left and she did. I always leave behind a little piece of my heart when I leave her, praying she will be there the next time.
There are so many beautiful love stories out there. I am glad I have this one.

June 2019 



After the pandemic, she was there, healthy and a bit chunky, it has been 5 years since I fell in love with her. I got to see her a few times, the homeless couple she watches over is doing the same, drinking and begging. If one day I feel she is too old to live on the streets I will talk to them and think of an alternative, for now, they are her life and she acts like their mama, that is her mission and I won't get in her way. For people who haven't seen my posts about Nina: her owners were offered help many times but they are not ready yet to change their lifestyle.

January 2021

December 2021


I went to the beach as soon as I finished breakfast with my dad the morning I got to Rio and she wasn't on the beach. After a few trips, a beach vendor finally told me they had been kicked out that spot because the guy had become violent to others. I spent hours walking up and down the streets of Copacabana looking for them and finally, yesterday, I see her, guarding over the owners who were passed out on a sidewalk as usual. I called she came to me and we sat there for a while, I was crying with relief, she loves being petted but always goes back to her couple. While I was petting her some people walking by gave me puzzled looks, but most smiled and some talked to her, they know her name. She looks older, gray but clean, well fed. The "tribe of Nina" must know her new spot and they are still caring for them.

I do have a couple of places I could take her if they ever gave to me, but I don't know if she would be happy, she is extremely attached to them. One of my customers were right when she pointed out, they are her "kids", her responsibility nd she takes it very seriously. I thought about putting my Brazilian number on her collar, but I risk having the wrong people contact me with scams.

So for now I go on loving her, offering the couple help (many people have tried), tare not ready to take and trying to be grateful to have met such  special dog.

July 2022