Oleic Fatty Acid - 18:10 July 21 2015, 0 Comments

Oils and butters containing oleic acid tend to be very moisturizing and regenerating to our skin. They often offer anti-inflammatory properties and some, like olive oil, mimic our natural sebum. They tend to be absorbed well by the skin, which offers softening and moisturizing effects.

Oils high in oleic acid will go rancid far less quickly than those high in linoleic or linolenic acids - notice the single double bond - so they might be better choices for creations you want to last a long time. - Source.

Acai Berry Oil - 52%

Andiroba Oil - 49%

Bacaba - 60%

Buriti Oil - 70%

Brazil nut - 47%

Pracaxi - 44%

Pataua - 77%

Tucuma Oil - 65%

Cupuacu Butter - 43%

Oil with the least amount of Oleic Fatty Acid: Sacha Inchi - 10%