CACAO & CUPUACU BODY BUTTER June 21 2015, 1 Comment

I saw a recipe on a French site a few weeks ago that asked for "black cocoa butter", that got me curious, I called my people in Brazil and they said there was no such a thing.  After little research, I found it on Ebay (what can't you find there?), but when it finally reached me, I realized it isn't cocoa butter, it was what we call in Brazil "cacao mass", raw cacao, what is left behind after removing the butter.

I wasn't sure how that would work on a skin product, but I am happy to say, the results were very nice. It spreads nicely, the skin looks and smells wonderful, I do not recommend it for hair, as it is a bit too thick. Here is my Brazilian version of the French recipe.

Cupuacu Butter - 2 oz.
Pracaxi Oil - 0.25 oz.
Brazil Nut Oil - 0.25 oz.
100% Cacao - 0.5 oz. 

Melt the Cupuacu Butter in a double boiler over low heat heat. Mix the oils in. Separate it into two equal parts and transfer them into two different containers. In one of the two containers, add the cocoa butter cut in very small pieces and heat if necessary to melt. Let cool a bit and then put the two preparations in the freezer for a few minutes.
Take them out and mix them well again, you can use an electrical mixer. Put back in the freezer.
Transfer both butters into a container keeping them separate.

I did mix mine to a whipped butter consistency. For that you definitely need a electrical mixer.

The dark butter will be slightly harder because of the cacao. Use that side for body and the other for neck and face.