DIY - Rainforest Hair Serum June 21 2015, 0 Comments

Murumuru Butter - 0.25 oz.

Brazil Nut Oil - 1 oz.

Essential Oil - 5 to 10 drops, depending on essential oil and your taste.

Vitamin E (for longer shelf life) - 2 drops.

Melt the butter Murumuru in a double boiler over low heat, after is melted mix it with the Brazil Nut Oil VERY well. Then mix other ingredients. Transfer to a small bottle.

USE: This serum can be used to control frizz and fix your curls in the go. It also reduces dryness, protects your hair from the elements, and chemical treatments.

If necessary, you can heat your oil by dipping the bottle in a hot stream of water just before application. Shake well before use.

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