SUMMERTIME BUTTER BAR March 14 2015, 0 Comments

SUMMER is FINALLY almost here!!!

This Butter Bar is full of beta-carotene and has healing, moisturizing and calming properties. Perfect for before and after the sun. Apply to tanned legs to show them off in your Summer outfits. Leave it in the fridge for an extra relief when you do too much sun.

"Lotion Bar"  or, a "Butter Bar", is a mix of your favorite butters and oils made harder (higher melting point) by a wax.

The end result is a solid bar that you apply on your skin much like a surfer puts wax on her board

Advantages of a Lotion Bar: no liquid oil mess, no having to melt butter in your hands before applying, super easy to apply, added advantages of Beeswax, fun to make!

Disadvantages of a Lotion Bar: it will melt under high heat making a HUGE mess if you don't have it in a container, if you do, then it will be impossible to get it out of container without melting it again, the beeswax may feel a little heavy on your skin, finding the perfect recipe may be a bit like making a cake without proper measure of ingredients.

Yep, I am still in favor.

 Butter Bar for summer

You will need:

  • Medium sized pan

  • Very clean glass jar with lid.

  • Waxed paper cups for molds (I use the 5 oz. cups).

  • A clean rag or kitchen towel.

Ingredients (for Two just under 3 oz. bars or TWO 1.25 oz. bars, I like making mine smaller)

  • Bacuri Butter 1.5 oz.

  • Murumuru Butter 1.5 oz.

  • Buriti Oil 1 oz. 

  • Beeswax (organic raw is my favorite) 1 oz.

How to Make:
Melt wax first, after it is all melted add butters and then after the mix is liquid add oil, check if the oil have hardened the wax, if it does melt for a bit longer, if not take out of the heat.

JAR WILL BE HOT! Dry the jar well so o water gets in your bar and pour melted contents into your mold. Bars should be hard in no time, if you live in a hot place pop them in the fridge for a few minutes.

You will need a little container to take them around, if you are using them at home, you can keep them in the cup, keep one in the bathroom and one in the fridge.