SUMMER LOTION BAR August 04 2014, 0 Comments

 This super easy to make lotion bar is perfect for after sun care, it will make your skin glow and your tan last a LOT longer. As a Brazilian woman who loves the sun and tans easily but still has sensitive skin I really need something to make sure that my beautiful brown skin will not dry, flake or peel. 

Just melt all these ingredients on a double boiler or a makeshift one - just use a VERY clean and dry glass jar and a pot with water. After everything is well melted pour into a mold, put in the fridge and voila! 

I like unrefined beeswax much better but I only had the white one handy, for a vegan version you can use candelilla wax, but use 2/3 to 1/2 of the quantity as it is a harder wax.

1 oz. Beeswax

1.5 oz. Bacuri Butter

0.5 oz. Ucuuba Butter

0.25 oz. Buriti Oil  

 You can add essential oils but keep in mind any citrus oil (tangerine, grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime) is photosensitizing, they may cause your skin to stain or burn in the sun. If adding essential oils, make sure you do after the ingredients are all dissolved and twirl the jar a few times.

I use the 9 oz. paper cups as mold and the 4 oz. tin can to take my butter around.

The result bar is hard enough to be taken out with you, but do not leave it under direct sunlight. 

It also adds a subtle tinted effect to your skin (right leg), it can also stain fabrics, make sure your clothing is dark or the butter is totally absorbed. 


Thank you and contact me at for any questions.