Brazilian "Turbantes" by Gloria Maria has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 8 reviews.

Brazilian "Turbantes" by Gloria Maria

$ 40.00

In my walks around Brazil I find really interesting people who make or sell awesome things. I have decided to make a "secret" section just with finds from my trips available only to people who have the direct link which I will share by email and on social media.

I found Gloria Maria last year when I bought one of her "turbantes" in a co-op type shop. She is a realtor and overall fun and inspirational woman. On her Instagram you can check out her fun designs being shown by women and men of all colors and hair types.

I am bringing a few to United States this trip. 

These are double faced, you can wear the solid or print side, her design is super easy to wear. Check the video below for a little bit of Gloria Maria.

Find Her


Instagram @gloriaturbantesestilo


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