Carnauba Wax - Brazil Wax - for your DIY projects.

$ 3.00

Carnauba Wax - flakes.

A little bit of Carnauba wax for your DIY projects!

Vegan, comes from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree.

Melting point of  82 ºC (179 ºF)

Very high melting point = very hard wax


  • Carnauba wax is much more like candelilla wax than beeswax

  • Offers good gloss and shine in higher concentrations

  • Creates a thin final product with little staying power—you’d want to pair it with something stickier for a lip balm

  • Not very useful at 1:1 and 1:2 levels

From this awesome post about Carnauba wax on DIY beauty projects: 


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