BIG & BOLD Acai Necklaces - Acai Seeds - Handmade in the Amazon. has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

BIG & BOLD Acai Necklaces - Acai Seeds - Handmade in the Amazon.

$ 85.00


All natural acai and tagua seeds - wild harvested, polished, hand drilled and dyed by Amazon artisans.These necklaces are made in Belem by female artisans whose lives improved greatly after they started working with eco-jewelry, they now have clients all over the world.

Care: These are natural seeds, water and sun may make their colors dull (they will still be pretty), Please use clear beeswax based balms to polish them if needed.

As each bead is a seed, and is designed by Mother Nature herself and they are hand drilled, there are variations in shape, size and color from bead to bead.

Açaí - (Pronounced: Ah-si-ee) the region of harvest is mostly northern Brazil. The berries are harvested with no harm to the trees.
Every time we consume Amazon self sustainable products we give the local and indigenous people an alternative to logging and farming which are the two largest destroyers of such an important ecosystem.

NOT FOR KIDS who like to swallow pretty colorful things, keep away from your dogs as they seem to love these seeds!

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