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Copaiba Oil - Resin

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COPAÍBA OIL-RESIN - (Copaifera multijuga)

This Golden Resin is known for saving lives in the Amazonia, so... if it can save lives, imagine what it can do for your skin and hair? 

  • Extraction Method: cut in the trunk of the tree - sustainable extraction.

  • Part of plant used: resin.

  • Quality: 100 % pure, virgin, filtered without any chemical treatment, therapeutic quality.

  • Country of origin: Brazil - wild harvested. 

  • Appearance: light yellow liquid oily resin.

  • Smell: Aromatic - fresh - green.

  • Touch: thin and a little sticky.

  • The chemical composition of the oil-resin of Copaiba is thought to have approximately 72 sesquiterpenes (hydrocarbons) and 28 diterpenes (carboxylic acids), and the oil is composed by 50% of each of these terpenes. Diterpenes are attributed in the majority for therapeutic applications, a scientifically proven fact. Sesquiterpenes are partially responsible for the aroma the oil – resin and also have many medicinal properties.

ATTENTION: This is not Copaiba essential oil, a blend or an extract. It is the pure resin of the tree, only filtered. If using it pure test on a small patch of skin first. 

Copaiba oil-resin is widely used in Brazilian traditional medicine, indicating a wide range of pharmacological properties.

In the cosmetic industry it is used as a component of fragrance in perfume, and in soaps and creams it is used for its emollient properties.

Copaiba oil-resin has been used by Incas, Mayans and Brazilian indigenous population for thousands of years, it is called "life oil" for all the lives it has saved in the Amazon forest.

External uses:

Massage oil.

It may help reduce the appearance of scars, cellulite and stretch marks. It helps with a variety of skin issues.

It is a great product for oily skin and scalp, it also has aging-well properties.


Copaifera multijuga is a large tropical canopy tree known for its production of copaiba oil-resin, which is tapped from the trunk of the tree. It has significant commercial value due to the therapeutic properties of its resin, which is used in traditional medicine and cosmetics. The Amazonian Copaiba can grow up to 30-40 meters in height with a trunk diameter of up to 1 meter, making it one of the larger trees in the Amazon rainforest. The multijuga is not commonly cultivated outside its natural habitat, as it thrives in the specific conditions of the Amazonia: well-drained, fertile soils typical of its rainforest environment.

*The Amazonian butters and oils have been tested by generations of rainforest's indigenous and ribeirinho people. They are used for cooking, baking, healing, moisturizing and protecting against the elements.

When we consume Amazonia's sustainable, non-timber-products, we give the local people an alternative to logging and farming which are the two largest responsible factors of the deforestation of such an important ecosystem.

Rainforest Chica's products are wild harvested or ethically farmed. With constant focus on sustainability and fair treatment of harvester, farmers, transporters and producers.

Product for cosmetic use only, not suited for human consumption!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water, call physician if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children.

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