Chica Linda Eye Area Oil Blend - Maracuja and Acai Berry Oils

$ 8.95

Because you are a "Chica Linda" (gorgeous girl)!

Our eye area oils blend is delicious, easy to apply, absorbs fast, smells good and it is super affordable! It is 1 part of acai berry oil to 2 parts of maracuja oil. 

Available in .33 oz. roll-on glass bottles (green or clear)

Acai Berry Oil 

Strong anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

Green, smells fruity, it is a dry oil that absorbs fast.

Maracuja Oil (Passion Fruit) 

Anti-aging, relaxing, eye area, Vitamins A & C.

Light yellow, faint fruity scent, super light, very spreadable oil.

Extraction Method: cold pressed.
Appearance: oily liquid.
Color: greenish.
Smell: faint fruity.
Touch: light, easily absorbed.
Ingredients: Maracuja Oil, Acai Berry Oil. 

Please use only on the area below your eyes not on upper lid as it may cause the product to get into your eyes, it may cause slight irritation if it happens. Take your contacts out before applying.

Product for cosmetic use only, not suited for human consumption!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water, call physician if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children.

My oils and butters are are wild harvested grown naturally in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest without any pesticides, they are fair trade and self sustainable.
Product for cosmetic use only, not suited for human consumption!
This product is not marketed with therapeutic claims. This product does not contain color additives or the presence of poisonous or deleterious substances, such as pathogenic microorganisms. This product does not contain TSE/BSE contamination.



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