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Candelilla Wax

$ 4.50

Candelilla Wax Flakes (Euphorbia antisyphilitica)

For your DIY projects!

Vegan beeswax alternative, comes from a Mexican shrub.

Melting point of 67 ºC (152 ºF).

For use and ratios take a look at this post. Remember her experiments are with olive oil, if you are using butters or oils with higher melting points you will need even less wax.

I personally use half of candelilla of what I would beeswax. Check out this video: Using Beeswax.

Some of her observations:

  • Candelilla wax is very smooth at all concentrations.

  • At high concentrations it makes concoctions glossy.

  • It’s not very sticky, so balms made with it won’t get any staying power from it—it would need to be paired with beeswax or something like cupuacu or cocoa butter.

  • The mixtures didn’t want to stay blended or mix together easily. Some pots had hard waxy skins on top and oily gels underneath. Others were soft on one side of the container, and rock hard on the other.

  • In many of the mixtures you can still see wee bits of wax floating in the oil—they don’t seem to have melted together.

  • It’s not actually that different from beeswax in terms of hardening power. I’d say 1:3.5 beeswax: olive oil is roughly equivalent to 1: 4.5 for candelilla wax: olive oil.

  • The texture differences are big. Beeswax helps create salves and balms that will stick around on the skin, whereas candelilla wax is very smooth and sinks right in.

  • I’d say 1:4–4.5 is about the lowest ratio you’d ever want to use

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