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Bacuri Butter

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Bacuri Butter - (Platonia insignis, Clusiaceae)

The ugly butter that performs miracles! Bacuri Butter will bring an instant healthy glow to your skin and with  prolonged use it does bring the healthy power of the Amazonia to your skin, scalp and hair.

  • Extraction Method: mechanically pressed seeds.

  • Quality: 100 % pure, cold pressed without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality.

  • Country of origin: Brazil - wild harvested.

  • Appearance: solid butter, may be grainy or have liquid parts.

  • Color: brown to very dark brown.

  • Smell: earthy, mossy.

  • Touch: soft butter, leaves a thin greasy layer on skin before fully absorbed, give skin a golden glow. It will stain light fabric.

  • For chemical data and fatty acid composition refer to pictures.

Bacuri butter is very popular in the north of Brazil, it comes from the seeds of a beloved local fruit with a rich pulp, smell and taste (I could taste it in my mouth for hours).

Being a very dark butter with intense scent, it sometimes is received with some resistance by my costumers, that is, before they completely fall in love with it. For its color it will transfer and stain light fabrics before fully absorbed.

Bacuri butter has a high absorption rate, due to its high level of tripalmitin (50% to 55%), which penetrates the skin quickly. The high amount of fatty palmitoleic acid (5%), compared to other oils (less than or equal to 0.5 to 1.5%), makes the Bacuri butter a fantastic emollient, which can also be used as a moisturizing agent.

Bacuri is rich in Lysin and Methionine in northern Brazil it is used for many skin issues. It widely used to help reducing the appearance of blemishes, scarring and stretch marks.


  • High absorption rate

  • Fantastic emollient

  • Great moisturizing agent

  • High in palmitoleic acid

  • Rich in Lysine


  • Aging-well

  • Damaged hair and skin

  • Reducing the appearance of scars, dark spots and stretch marks (uneven skin)

  • Massage butter for after work outs

  • Bacuri brings an instant glow and velvety look to skin.


Bacuri is native to the state of Pará (eastern amazon forest). This tree can reach 25 m (82') in height and 1.5 m in diameter. It grows on terra firme (dry land) and the timber is yellow, compact, resistant to rotting, and therefore is used in the construction of boats. The fruit of this species, which weighs 250 g on average, is oval and covered by a shell, which is 0.7 to 1.6 cm thick and 75% of the weight of the fruit. The edible part of the fruit is the endocarp, and represents 13% of the weight of the fruit. It is white, with a strong aroma and sweet taste, it is very popular in the prepation of sweets, ice cream and juices.
The fruit usually has 4 oily seeds, and when dried they contain 72% fat, which is resinous and dark brown to almost black.  It is estimated that an average tree will produce 400 fruits per year. The number of fruits produced per year varies. A year of high fruit production is succeeded by one, two, or three years of low production. 

*The Amazonian butters and oils have been tested by generations of rainforest's indigenous and ribeirinho people. They are used for cooking, baking, healing, moisturizing and protecting against the elements.

When we consume Amazonia's sustainable, non-timber-products, we give the local people an alternative to logging and farming which are the two largest responsible factors of the deforestation of such an important ecosystem.

Rainforest Chica's products are wild harvested or ethically farmed. With constant focus on sustainability and fair treatment of harvester, farmers, transporters and producers.

Product for cosmetic use only, not suited for human consumption!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water, call physician if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children.

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