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Want a hammock like the one I have in my office? Now it is your chance!

My cousin introduced me to a lady who has a little handweaving business, she is from the state of Minas Gerais and apparently their art of hand weaving became extremely popular in the rest of Brazil these past few years. Brazilian handwoven art was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese colonizers and followed the cotton harvest. Our modern patterns have Portuguese, afro and native influences. I bought the pieces she had in Rio to help her out and I am making them available here in case you guys are interested. They are cotton and cotton blend (minimum 85% cotton) and I am posting their prices and sizes in inches.

I have two hammocks like the one I have in the office (that one is not for sale, EVER!), one green and one blue, both earthy with a white detail. $81

4 - small pieces, 47" x 55" - $26

6 -  twin size-ish 63" x 94" - $63

8 - beautiful green piece 102" x 110" - $88

A, B - medium blankets 47" x 70" - $36

BTW they are great quality but they are not the kind of stuff you throw in the washer and dryer. Wash gentle cycle and hang to dry if possible.

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