DIY Body Butter - How It Works

The recipe for the DIY Body Butter is 1 part of oils for 4 parts of butters.

If you choose 2 oils and 4 butters this is the amount of each product in your DIY Body Butter.

You can choose the same butter twice which would make that butter the dominant product in your DIY Body Butter like in the chart below (you can also choose the same butter 3 times).

If you choose only 3 butters, then your DIY Body Butter will have the same amount of the three butters - vide chart below - if you choose 2 butters, then they will also be added equally.

Same goes for the oils, if you choose only one oil, the same proportion oil - butter will maintain like in the chart below - the same as if you choose the same oil twice.

The scent and pigment will be added accordingly to the size of the product.

The essential oil will be enough to add a subtle scent to the final product, do not expect it to be like these artificial, strong scents a lot of skin and hair products have.

The gold mica will add a little shimmer to your skin, the bronze may add a hint of color.

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