Oh hair!  Who knew that a dead part of our bodies would take so much of our time and money?

Most of my products can be used for hair, this list is just the most popularly used.

Some of them are best used as a finishing product, some for deep treatment or leave-in. The use of any of them should be based mainly on your hair type. Very fine, straight hair can use a little bit of Brazil Nut as finishing oil to avoid flyaways. Curly hair can use Murumuru or Tucuma as a leave-in to help form the curls. Dry hair - Cupuacu to help absorb water. Very damaged hair would fully benefit from a deep treatment made with Ojon. Afro textured hair can benefit from any of them, as they tend to be fragile and dry. 

Dreadlocks benefit from my product's antiseptic properties and their delicious scents.

My products can also be used to protect you hair against the elements - sun, wind, cold, ocean, pool. 


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