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COASTERS - Vegetable Latex & Natural Fibers

$ 5.00

Vegetable latex coasters in the shape of lily pads handmade by indigenous and traditional communities. Available in 5 colors. Price is for 1 (one) coaster. 4"

Read more about this amazing project:

Encauchados de Vegetais da Amazônia" is the name of natural rubber produced in native rubber plantations by indigenous and traditional Amazonian communities. It is the collective construction of a sustainable business, a social technology that involves traditional knowledge (Encauchados) and technical-scientific knowledge (vulcanization).

The deconstruction of the industrial process of vulcanization and its transformation, in the rustic forest environment, in a simple and less costly process of latex handling, combined with the prior knowledge of these communities, is generating a diversified line of quality products to meet the demand of the Marketplace. The new rubber produced is no longer a simple raw material for industrial use, but a rubber ready to be used by consumers.

This new production strategy is enabling the management and reactivation of the rubber plantations native to the Amazon. People live in full harmony with nature, as they have always lived. The forest is still standing. The environment does not suffer any type of aggression. The project has been developed over the last 20 years by the Pole of Protection of Biodiversity and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources - Poloprobio , in partnership with extractivists and their grassroots organizations. Today, with the implementation of RedEncauchados, with the support of the Banco do Brasil Foundation / BNDES, by the "ECOFORTE Networks of Agroecology", Encauchados consolidate itself as an economic enterprise of solidarity that generates work, income, empowerment and socioeconomic inclusion with local development."

Visit their instagram @encauchadosoficial

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